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  • Vineyard: VIÑA VALDECUERVA 690 m. Calcareous clay soil, North-South orientation.
  • Elaboration:
    Caught in boxes of 20 kilos manual shelled grain by grain.
  • Tasting notes:
    After a brief maceration time with the skins, fermentation begins in a concrete tank, finishing it after a long period of stay in barrel.The colour is genuine, reminiscent of those fine orange tones of the old days in Rioja Alta.
    On the nose it transmits a mixture of feelings of sweet fruit, surrounded by the own tannins of its stay in barrel.In the mouth you can see its distinction over other rosé wines, it is a serious wine, full-bodied, constant tearing, capable of withstanding powerful dishes. A fantastic final aftertaste, once drunk the fine vanilla marked from the American oak remains in the throat.It is certainly a special rosé is a “red made rosé”.